Sunday, May 13, 2012


Been crazy here, not sure what to chat about. Proud of my family who canoed down the KY river, about 6 miles or so, in the rain, from Lock and Dam #10 to the pull out point at Riptides at I-75. Great paddle besides the rain, that I thought was not going to hit till 9:30. well bummer that. So that is about it for now. Later yall.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

future of our world

Things are going to change, and soon. This is not a prediction of a political shift, it is a prediction of a mental one. We have a society that has focused on the left brain way of thinking. We have taught our children to focus on left brain thinking and they will be rewarded with money and power. These are the people who have been successful in this world, people that focus on facts and figures.
The dreamers have been repressed, the mystic and the profit. The artistic has some monetary value as long as a left brained person can understand it. Music, though a combination of right and left brained, has a meter and vibration and is all so mathematically logical. these things are valued in our current society.
What if we valued right brained things, Art, mysticism, self knowledge, large world view thinking?
Well guess what, it is coming, that giant change that will shake the foundations of the earth. we will see it come down and change everyones way of thinking. it is like the 100th monkey theory. Finally enough forward thinking people will tip the scales and it will all start to change. I am not sure when, but is is soon, and by soon i mean in the next 100 to 200 years.
Better pull out that meditation book, read a book on how to achieve inner peace, read the bible, the I-Ching, Koran, Torah, whatever spiritual book speaks to you, and get ready, or you will be left in the dust. Don't read it as the literal truth, but as spiritual truth, and I hope you can grasp it.
Good Luck with that, and f you need help, drop me a line, I have a few good ideas, but turn off any notions as to what it all means, it is unlikely that my thoughts are anything like what you have read or heard before.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Republicans are forward thinking

I have recently been thinking on the population problem and I finally realize that the only party doing anything about it is the republicans. By population problem I am referring to the massive doubling of the number of people on this planet. It will happen, we will run out of: Oil, water, power, food supplies, infrastructure, land to grow stuff on, ect. It will run out, sooner rather than later. Current consumption of fossil fuels is so rapid, we are unlikely to make it 1 more generation before we run out. In plain terms, My kids will see a time when there is NO OIL, NO WATER, and NO FOOD, for all the people on this planet. It is about resource management, and we are just not doing it.
Now most people would say that the democrats are doing stuff about this. they are trying to get us health care, solar power, renewable resources, power out of the hands of the few, into the hands of the many. Well I hate to say it but they are not successful. The Republicans have a plan in place for when these things occur, in fact they are depending on it to happen.
The plan is to use ALL the resources we have, all the food, all the water, all the cheep energy (basically how I look at power currently is using the power of the sun, shined down on this planet in all the years it has been here, but it was stored) We are going to burn all those resources and what will we have left? Starvation, Hunger, no power for heat, no health care for the sick, no money to help the poor... ie, finally a drop in the population of the world.
They will do the same thing they do with a company to make money, spend it's money on themselves and their friends, fire it's people to raise the stock price and sell when it is best for them, and abandon the company (and usually get a bonus from the stockholders for making them so much money). They will enrich themselves, make sure they will be in charge of what little resources we have left, and Fuck the rest of the world out of a decent place to live. They will have everything that is left, and still live a great life, while the rest of us will die, sick, hungry, poor, and miserable. And they win. The game is rigged, and it has been in the works for generations, and it is a closed party, and frankly, we are just not invited.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

political stuff

Ok yall, I have not posted for quite a while, but I thought I would try this thing again. As many of you know I am a very liberal minded and opinionated person. Many times I hold off on such talk to save myself arguments, unless I find a like minded person. But I think I will spout on here, and if you don't like what I say on such matters, you can not read the blog.
This whole debate about the lady in Arizona, her getting shot, it being blamed on the violent talk of the political people, and the media hyping the whole thing, caused a confused youth to shoot her and many more, it kind of misses the point.
A lot of people are pissed the political talk has passed by their issues. they are pissed about their lack of money, health care, access to good jobs, education, clean water, religious disagreements, taxes, or basically just the control of their life. In a nut shell, everyone is pissed, everyone is not happy, everyone wants it different. Some want it better for all and some want it better for themselves. we just want to raise our family, and have resources to make their life better than our own. and if you take away these things, then all they get is talk of change, but never change that will impact their life, they will get mad, they will get violent and eventually (especially if you do give them access to guns) will fight back.
I am not saying he was right to attack a group of innocents, or even her. but he felt cornered and felt that it was all just talk and nothing was getting better, and he took the quick way out. We need change, not talk, not inflaming speech, CHANGE! and the whole Obama change thing has just not happened because he got in there and had the harsh reality of politics pointed out. Even your own party, that agrees with you on most topics, will not vote your way, because they are bought and sold to the highest bidder and unless you have money to pay them off they will not vote on anything you want. outright bribery (or making them scared about being reelected) is the only thing that will get them to pass ANYTHING.
Makes me sad. I will have a more pointed political rant in the future, but basic gist, no policy will change unless we have money to bribe, or we stand up as a people and throw these bastards out.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scouting and Life

Hi everyone,
Another update finaly, long overdue. First I did not make the band, never herd a thing from em', which is fine. they were older than me and did drugs and stuff, not what I am into. So I placed a Ad on cragslist, and have recieved a few responces. I am going to be writeing them all and letting them know that I am now out of the rock band thing. Beth signed up to be the new Bear den leader, so now she is going to lead Skylers den. So I have a den, she has a den and we will most likely not be on the same night. So you add that in, and add roundtables, camping, school, work, working out, training, and all the other things we do, and you come up with no time for the band. I am going to try with one group, and if it is ment to be, then they will bring me in and ill do that. Basicaly i am leaving it in gods hands. If he wants me to make music, then ill do it.
Well that is about it for now. More updates once scouting gets going.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Band Audition and Life

So I went and played with Toby and Dave from Organic edge. I felt that I did well, but my best stuff was when the amp was too quiet.... dang it. Anyway, they kept it close to the chest, and did not lead on or anything, I am one of at least 3 I know of trying for this band. So even though I did that I am also sending out E-mails to other people that have posted add's on craig's list and all that. if they were not for me then the right one will come along. 

    So there is that, tomarow is beer qaround the world with some friends I have met up here. always good to have friends you can hang with. So that is about it for now. More soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy beavers

So it has been a few weeks since my last post, so I figured I should throw something down. So I have been working, as usual, just to keep food on the table. I am still pleased with my work life, it is a job, and there have been a few bumps in the road, nothing abnormal for a tech to go through, and those have been overcome. I am getting used to the differences in Ikon and Ricoh.
The boys are having a good summer, but are ready to go back to school, or at least Skyler is since he told me just a few minutes ago. I guess having fun all the time gets old. I would love 3 months to watch TV, play games, and vacation, but that is just me.
SO I am auditioning for a band called "Organic Edge". That is supposed to happen today or early this week. I am hopeful that I make this band, but if it does not then the right one will come along. ether way I'll get a chance to jam with other people, and that sounds like fun! Well I'll try and get on here and post whether I get it.
Good luck and good day

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

KY in the summer

Hey yall,

Back up in KY for a week, then a trip to Michigan. Good stuff. The kids are currently going to camp Invention, a 1 week camp where they will invent something, and they have a show at the end of the week. Then a trip for the whole family up to Michigan to catch up with family and friends. If you are in MI and want to see us, just give us a call or write, and we will try and make it by. We have a TON of people to see while visiting, cuz it has been 3 years plus since we have been in the Clarkston area. We will also be visiting Kalamazoo and then Elkheart on this trip on the last few days. Gone from home from the 13th - the 21st. Return home just in time for summer solstice. Whoo-hoo. Hope I get to see more friends. Best log off, I am writing this at work and I dont feel like I am being productive.

Funkalogic Freek

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back in GA

Hey yall,

Well here I am in Atlanta, on a buisness trip to learn a new copier. This beast is a 100cpm (copy per minute) full color copier that can make 50 page books, staple sort, fold and generaly do whatever you need it to do. Cool copier and is currently at the bargan price of only 120k dollers. So That is what I am doing, tonight hanging at the hotel, had a good dinner and finaly have a chance to update this blog.

I went to Dalton GA this weekend and on the way down and had a chance to hang and chat with a heck of a lot of good friends. Got to Jam, go Bowling, fishing and had some great meals and some wonderfull times. I hope i get a chance soon to see all of you again. I will be crusing through on my way back to Lexington this weekend, but will not have much time to hang.

Once I return home the boys will be out of school, and will be starting there week of camp the next monday. I have one week of work, then a week of vacation. For my vacation I am going to be visiting Michigan for the first time in 3 years. Book the partys now. I will on that trip have my wife and kids with me. I will be at my folks a few days, at my wifes folks a few days, visiting Kalamazoo for a day or so and then down to Elkheart for a day or so. A lot of driving in a few weeks, but heck, I am nationwide. I am haveing a wonderfull time since my move to Lexington and things in most of my life are going just as I intended. Things are looking up for me and my family, and will continue to do so for the forseable future. Lots of love out there for yall. drop me a line and let me know what is going on in your life. the picture is of this copier I am learning, crazy stuff. Later days.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Unbridled Freek

Greetings and salutations,

OK so here it is a few months into our move here to Lexington, this is what is going on. First Work is great, they do tend to micromanage everyone, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I keep getting paid, which I like, My medical benefits will start in a week and my relocation bonus came through. Good stuff there. Direct deposit set up, bills organised and planed out when to pay what.
The kids are in one of the best schools in the whole town, I am attempting to buy a house in the school district but I am limited to just a few neighborhoods. the others in this schools range are 250k and up. weird being the most broke parents at the school, but both me and my wife have been through that before since we came from Clarkston MI.
I finally got my Bass repaired, now I just need to find someone to jam with. I will eventually, first i need a amp because mine was sold, and the other one is too far away (Michigan) I may be going to the UU church, I may have convinced my wife to attend there, but this next Sunday is a go and the leave quick, she wants to hit a open house. Cool stuff.
Last thing, I will be attending class on a color copier in GA instead of St. Louis, and this time from May 28Th - June 5Th. I may visit Dalton on the 27Th as I drive down, on the night of the 29Th through Sunday afternoon on the 1st. Call and book me for YOUR party, and i will show up. I am also looking for a place to sleep those nights. Hope everything is going well with all of you. Shalom.